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Have you been dealing with unbearable neck or back pain without any luck from various treatment methods? This informative guide will teach you how to get relief from neck and back pain with an approach that DOES NOT involve drugs or surgery so you can start feeling better.
This e-book will help you understand the methods that can reduce pain stemming from conditions such as herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica, neuropathy, and other related problems.
In this e-book, you will discover:
  • A revolutionary new theory about the treatment of neck and back pain
  • The causes of back pain, disc degeneration, and herniated discs
  • Why neck and back surgeries may fail
  • New medical technologies to end your chronic pain
  • Neurologically based brain rehab that will alleviate pain

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Spinal Decompression and Spinal Biomechanics