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Cold Weather And Joint Pain

From trick hips predicting rain to knees slipping on wet concrete, weather has a strange effect on the body’s moving parts. This is especially the case for lower back pain sufferers. Patients often report that pain seems to get worse each winter, especially when the temperature goes below freezing. Some people may wonder what is [...]

Getting Back In Running Shape: Home Treatments For Sciatica Pain

When winter comes, bears are not the only mammals that begin a season-long hibernation. Many runners, active throughout the year, stock up for the winter and wait out the cold from the comfort of the couch. But for sciatica pain sufferers, this trend can impact more than just the waistline.

Home Remedies For Chronic Back Pain

Despite these many well-recognized complications many people are unwilling to seek medical attention, or choose not to participate in suggested medical treatment plans. While medical attention may be necessary for some back pain sufferers, many chronic pain conditions can be treated from the comfort of your own home.